Voice, Piano, & Ukulele Teacher

Music Director

Music Therapist



A passionate private music teacher and clinician, Vanessa is enthusiastic about her client's growth and helping them attain their goals.


Vanessa is known for her honesty when coaching singers giving them clear assessments and notes that help them truly achieve their goals. She is also known for instilling discipline in her piano and ukulele students that help them become true musicians.

Vanessa is an empathetic clinician who strives to create a safe space for her clients to explore their feelings without judgement.


She strives to run her business ethically with quality education, coaching and therapy. 

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Burbank, CA

Tel: 818-975-0513

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Vanessa is incredible...

Vanessa is incredible. I look forward to my voice class every week, as she is not only fun, but also incredibly helpful. I have noticed not just my voice improve, but my confidence as well. I have had several voice teachers in my life, and I have never liked one as much as I like Vanessa. TAKE HER CLASS!

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