Contributing for Wirecutter

Over the summer Wirecutter, an online magazine that helps consumers find great products, asked me to share my thoughts on affordably priced ukuleles for beginners. I think there were about 30 ukuleles to try out. And I gotta admit, it was so much fun. I got to play a bunch of products I hadn't seen in person. Some I was surprised to find out were super affordable and had a great tone. Others I had fun making fun of how awful they sounded and played.

If you are thinking about getting into the ukulele and you're searching for your first one; the best advice I got when I was looking for my first uke was, "Get the one you like to look at, you'll actually play it." And he was right! I bought the cheaper ukulele that I thought was pretty and I played that thing a whole lot. Now I have 4 ukes in my arsenal and I think each of them are pretty in their own way. The last one I bought was second hand, and it has a beautiful wood grain and sounds equally as gorgeous. Needless to say, when I have time to kill I take that beaut out of her bag and jam. :)

Thanks for reading this post! I hope it inspires you to get a uke!


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