Having to say goodbye...

Goodbye old studio...

I love my job. Sharing music with amazing kids and grownups has been such a joy over the past 4 years. I also loved having a studio at The Compound in Burbank, CA. The staff there were so awesome and friendly. I've been gone for a month and I still miss it so much.

Living in LA you're lucky if you get to see your friends every couple of months. But when you teach private music lessons, you see your students every week. And if you're lucky like me you get to know them and their families. So not only do I miss doing my job because it's a wonderful job. I also miss hearing about my students lives, what they're up to, and how music is fitting into their lives.

I have a new job at a music school in my new neighborhood and I'm really excited to start. But I miss my ol' pals.

Thanks for reading this post!


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